Hi and I have just noticed with my media wiki installation that all of my pictures in mediawiki are suddenly broken. The files are there but if I enter the path location in the url bar it takes infinit time to load (never loads - no error). Same for in the cms pages. I have tried deleting all htaccess files and still nothing. Does anybody know what is happening? An example path is as follows:

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I managed to solve it. Turned out to be two problems. First one was the browsers cache needed to be cleared. Second problem was that the following rule needed to be added to my htaccess file because the image paths had a capital "W" where the real paths had a lower "w" in "wiki".

RewriteRule ^Wiki/(.*)$ http[B]:[/B]//www.syntax.cwarn23.info/wiki/$1 [L]

Computers can be annoying at times.

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