ive got a Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_VARIABLE

on this line:

$dboutput = "//database vars \n" "$dbtype = '".$dbtype."'; \n" "$dbhost = '".$dbhost."'; \n""$dbtype = '".$dbtype."'; \n""$dbname = '".$dbname."'; \n""$dbport = '".$dbport."'; \n""\n" "$database = array($dbtype, $dbhost, $dbname, $dbpass, $dbport);";

any idea of whats wrong with it?

(sory for not editing, it wouldent let me)

i changed the script to this, and i stil have problems:

$dboutput = "//database vars \n"."$dbtype = '".$dbtype."'; \n". "$dbhost = '".$dbhost."'; \n"."$dbtype = '".$dbtype."'; \n"."$dbname = '".$dbname."'; \n"."$dbport = '".$dbport."'; \n"."\n". "$database = array($dbtype, $dbhost, $dbname, $dbpass, $dbport);";

I tested your last version:

I did not get any errors. If you still get the error,maybe in the statement previous to this one, the ";" is missing.
i have done this kind of errors several times .:)

Parse errors usually do not show the correct line number in the error msg. Usually its the line just before the one given, like jgutierrez@mail pointed out...

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