dear all

I started web developement study and I finished the following topics

HTML, JavaScript, IIS, MS SQL Server 2008 Development

I under stand that I still need the C# , ASP.net and ADO.net

but I cann't find agood coach .so I made It selfstudy

Now I am about a problem I don't know what the lessons in C# that I need to start woking with the ASP.net

I found some toturials about C# but I don't know which of them will be useful

one of them contain the following topics in the following link


C# is a vast topic It cost me a long time so I know that I don't need every thing to use ASP.net

are this topics enough ?

what exactly I need from it ?

If you has a different suggestion pls Reply me

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Hello, let me give you some advise. The C# is very important issue in the area of web site development. few years ago i was thought asp.net will be good enough to build web sites but as long as you get smart and Sophisticated and you tryin to build advanced web sites (like: e-commerce) you have to know strong tools to deal that. C# is not easy part but very powerful language. First you have to learn the idea behaind Object Oriented Programming (look google for OOP). The second language i thing is requste the most is T-SQL and ADO.NET cause most of the website working deals with databases and stored procedurs. hope it help.

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