I'm currently trying to work on a project and I am stuck. I need to take products from a database and show them on multiple pages according to manufacturer and category. I also will then need to have the pages written out in html, because of were I need to upload them doesn't support asp.net. (Don't ask just go along with it.) I've been able to create a loop that makes my table and separates my categories, but they all show up on one page. Any direction in help would be greatly appreciated.


I would suggest using a control that supports custom paging, but that wouldn't help in your environment.

I would have a loop, reading your products out of a database. Write pure HTML out to a file. Use a counter, when your loop iterates through a given number of products, close the current HTML file, and open a new one. Your one loop will generate any number of HTML files.

Sorry, forgot to mention that I am new to asp.net and asp in general. So how would I write html out to a file?

If I understand your situation, you want to write an ASP.NET application that will produce a set of static HTML pages, which you can then upload to a separate site.

To produce HTML files (or any other files), you would use the StreamWriter class or one of its overloads (TextWriter).

I tried to incorporating the StreamWriter but I am having a hard time with visual studio.net 2003 accepting it. I tried to find some tutorials and tried there code and it is not accepting it. Do you know how I can get the StreamWriter accepted?

It's part of the System.IO namespace.

Yeah I found/figured that, but finally found tutorial that was helpful. Thanks.


I'm trying to use the StreamWriter, but I'm running into a problem. I'm using a Select statement to separate my categories and under each case I'm trying send it to a new page. But streamwriter wants the file closed when it goes back in to write. I've thought about using an append method. But if I were to run the program to update the pages after period of time I'm afraid that will just append to what I already have and then I'll have a big mess. I've thought about doing some kind of if statement, but not exactly sure how to execute it. Any direction would be great.


I'm guessing I need an if statement of something like this:
If Firsttime in file then

But not sure how to ask if first time in file