Is there any way of storing some variables, say username for a particular session in ASP.NET.

E.g, If we let a user login in a page, then I want him to stay logged in for all the pages he traverses on the server.

Currently, I am trying Server.Transfer and the Hashtable() methods to retrieve the value and use it again in other pages.

Is there any better method than this?

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Use session state. That'll hold the variable until the user ends the session or it times out.
To set it:
Session.Add(name, value)

To get it:
x = Session.Item(name)

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I will try it out. But will I be able to use the value of x, in functions other than ASP. I am using C# as the base language, so, will I be able to use the value of x, say, in a query or to pass to a function?




Unless we predefine the timeout, the session should last until the user closes the browser. Am I correct?

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Session timeout is the amount of time, in minutes, allowed between requests before the ASP.NET session-state provider terminates the session.

It means that, if you set the session timeout for 20 minutes, the session wil be timed out if your browse makes a request on or after 21st mintue (from the last postback/submit).

Also if you close the browser before 20 minutes from the last postback, actually the session timeout will occur after 20 minutes from the last postback.

You can store variables/business objects in Session and retrive it among different pages of your web application.

Alternate c# syntax for session I use: Session["userName"] = Textbox_userName.text; or

if (Session["userName"] == null)
  Label_userName.Text = "Welcome " + (String)Session["userName"];

Session is just like hastable, a collection of objects, one per user. Though you can store any object, on retrieval you will need cast it. Also try to keep minimum stuff in session.

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