I 'm working as a software developer trainee in .NET in a software concern. i'm in my training period. My PL suggested me to be in strong in the basics and about all the things that i need to know to develop a web application in .NET. Now i'm confused.I'm learning things like as i do in my college. Reading something always. But i don't know really what and where to start with. He just wants me to learn things relating to the real world applications.Can anyone please tell me what i have to do.

Thanks, kumar.

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First learn .NET basics using MSDN documentation, tutorials and books.
Once you have some idea about .NET classes, try to use them in sample applications.

Since you are working in a software company, you can get access to some real world application.

Look into the arichitecture of that application(s), coding standard and also see relationships between the user interface, business and data access layers.


hi dear,
i think you should learn from scratch.i mean first of all you should have knowledge of DHTML . including style sheets and javascript.
After that you should move towards ASP.NET controls,forms etc..
after that you should towards database connectivity..
i think this will help you in learning things..

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