Odd that mysql would not complain if there were an id field in each table, but you could add to your select statement that started like

SELECT u.*, up.* FROM users AS u

and change to

SELECT u.id AS mykey,u.*, up.* FROM users AS u

then use

$id = $row['mykey']

Kind of a kludge but not sure without seeing the



DESCRIBE user_profile

HA! Got it! LOL! No, I can't specify my rows as $row['u.id']; I did have my JOIN backwards, what I needed to do was reverse it's order from u.*, up.* to up.*, u.* and ON u.id = up.user_id to ON up.user_id = u.id. That did the trick.

Holy smokes it's a lot of work being a newb. I've come a long way but still manage to trip myself up with every new thing I learn.

I really want to thank you for taking the time and having the patience to work me through this. I learned quite a few things in the process and that in itself is worth an awful lot.

I still have one error but I'm pretty sure I know where that one is coming from and I can tackle that one one my own. Thanks again for all the help, I really appreciate it.

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