Hello i need to request an order form done in PHP.

Simular to hp.com's computer order form, and dell.com.
I like HP's more so if you don't mind making a replica of that.
All i want is the order form not the full site.

I would like it were i can login, and edit and make new products.

These products should have sub items where i can add let's see for example..

HD: 80 GB (there should be an scroll down or a button that allows him/her to select other HD's and if they select another product under that of higher cost it should up the price on the side, and down the price if it is a lower selection)

And could you have it intergrated with 2co and paypal, where i can select to have paypal on and 2co off, or the other way around or have both of them on.

Also when they scroll down the side bar that has the price and continue botton should move with it also. And add on where it highlights the one you have currently selected if you use bottons (recommended, but it doesn't matter). Also allow me to add an short discription and an smaller image beside just like HP's does.

There should also be the optional square buttons, example.
The buyer wishes to add an monitor to his selection have it where he can click the square and it show up also on the side and if he clicks off it goes off from the side.

Also i would like it where i can spread out the selections example.
I have Monitor selection on page1, but i want to put it on page2 then i should be able to move it and also the side bar that moves should include the price on it even if he goes to pag2 the price should remain the same from his page1 selections.

ALSO NOTE: i need this where i can edit the header and footer and locate this in a templates. And also each computer order form should have different selections than the others, meaning everything that i said above should go under one product and if i make a second i can put new mini subjects also.

Thank you very much there should be further instructions just email me if your interest at bizzopz@gmail.com and give me your hourly fee or total fee, and i shall instruct you in my budget, as for now do not worry i can expand if needed :D

~ Thank you all.

EDIT: Also if you think this would be better in another code inform me as i have noticed dell uses asp and hp has another code of some sort. I am willing to change this code from a php to another code its just that if you feel you can code this in another code other than php and it show a lot better let me know.

You may want to look into using osCommerce for the site:http://www.oscommerce.com/

There are many people that do custom templating for osCommerce if you need that service.