HI, I am developing a Inventory Management Databse in PHP/MySQL.
There are 3 fields
1. Item_Code
2. Serial_No
3. Quantity

For Example:
if Item_Code is fan02
and quantity 10
then each item quantity have a unique serial no.

How i can develop a form for user,
Who can insert item_code
then serial no. depending on quantity.

if quantity 10 then need to insert 10serail number for each part.

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What you need is simply DHTML. Just like Gmail's attach another file, you need something like that which when clicked will add two text fields for item code and another one for serial no.
So the quantity will be the number of text fields posted for each item.
Hope I am making sense

Happy times!


hey what you asking is very broad, about developing a complete form, is this a homework problem.
It seems that, you expect somebody to post the complete code for the form you want.
Try google for some with the keywords like 'inventory management form' etc and try to modify the code as par your needs.then post the difficulties you facing here.
This might be the better approach.


I tried but did not found any form in google.
I need logic behind this. I will do coding myself.
Please help me out.


chek below, those are freewares -
and http://www.sourcecodeonline.com/list?q=php_simple_inventory_system
see if integrating these code works for you or else simply start coding by the below logic(also please elaborate you first post, its not clear to me, and probably others too) .
Form I - This form will display whatever there is in the inventory for the user.He will select from here.
Form II - The items selected (with the feature add to stack ) will be in the session id and will get carried to your next form.
To control what data to display in your forms, its better to have the admin side of it too.
Get you items stored in the database table from the admin side and show them in the form I from there.

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