hi, i am currently working on aptana studio nokia wrt plugin to develop a mobile widget where i need to retrieve data from database.

i've created a java servlet in eclipse to connect and execute query to the ms sql server 2005 database.

in aptana, i am using js file and html file, i'm able to connect to the servlet to retrieve and process the data (split the data) into an array and display the retrieved value (array) on screen. but now i need to put the retrieved value (array) into a drop down list for selection, how could i do that?

for the drop down list, i cannot define the list, it need to be able to read from the servlet as the database is updated, it need to reflect.

sorry if my question s unclear, but i urgently need help.

Millions thanks in advance =)

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the thread link provided is similar to what i need, but i cannot define the drop-down list in html...i need to define it in a js file.
And i've just found out that i'm using the wrtkit provided in aptana studio nokia wrt plugin...and i've found a selectionMenu and selectionList...but does'nt know how to implement it into the .js file.

thanks for all the replies earlier

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