This code doesn't work in Firefox? Is there any other way of closing window?

<A href="javascript: self.close ()">Close this Window</A>


Javascript can only close windows that were opened using Javascript in FF without modifying the config. To change your config to allow this:
go to "about:config"
and set the value of "dom.allow_scripts_to_close_windows" to true.

To make your windows close in FF (and IE7) browsers without modifying the config here is a nice workaround

Nice workdaround didn't work.

As there i lot of people use this service dom.allow_scripts_to_close_windows doesn't look helpful.

Any other ways?


<a href="javascript:window.close();">Close Window</a>

is all you really need to close the window in any browser, but as stated above the window will need to be opened by JavaScript to be closed by it.

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