it has come time for me to be able to accept a credit card/multiple credit cards on a website.

I ask you guys to guide me in the correct direction to doing this.

I do not want to use pay pal or a payment gateway.

Thank you, much regard!

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If you are not willing to use a payment gateway, it will be very hard to accomplish. To be able to do it without, you would need an agreement with a bank over the handling of the cards. Unless you have your own bank, I think it will be impossible.


I just would like to keep everything on my wesite. i dont want to redirect to any other website for payment, isnt that what a payment gateway does do?


Some, but not all. There are gateways which you can interface with through SOAP for example. You'll have to look for one though.


Would you have any names so it keeps my searching to a minimum? Thank you, much regards.


you can still use your credit card through paypal. When you do verification it will ask for mastercard, etc. This is easier to do.

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