Hi all,

I have a problem where i want two images loaded as backgrounds for seperate divs on my master page. I have created a seperate stylesheet and used the appropriate background-image: url() style tag. All the other css styles i set such as border size, color and so on all seem to work fine, but my images refuse to load at all.

The folder containing my images sits at the root of the application so i use a relative url in the stylesheet. I have even tried using the full site url including the folder and picture name and still get nothing. Strangely though, I installed firebug for firefox just to see if there was any errors occuring and everything seems fine, firebug its self will even show me the images i'm trying to display in my asp page.

Has anyone had this problem before, or got any suggestions on how i can fix it. I've tried everything I can think of, and starting to get really frustrated.

Many thanks in advance


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try this:
1: use relative url "~/..."
2: set these two attributes for your divs: id and runat="server"

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