I will be developing an ASP.net website shortly and would like to know what the best environment to work with is.

I would like to know what software I can use for coding your ASP.NET sites? (Is it dreamweaver or microsoft web developer)

Also I would like to run a microsoft server (which also caters for databases) locally on my machine to be able to test/see if my website is working correctly before uploading anything online on a real server. (I'm not sure - but I don't think that I need APACHE right?)

Which microsoft server do you suggest I install?

Thanks for your help guys.

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--> IIS and .NET Framework is what you will need First
as mentioned in previous post Web PI will help you get all that.

--> For IDE you can use Visual Studio 2008 Professional if you are planning to purchase one....or Visual Web Developer 2008 (which is free. It has all features need to develop asp.net website).

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