i have an asp.net project developed. Now i want to run it on lan. I mean i want to store all the asp files on the server and access it from the clients through browsers. what is the mechanism used for it
vry vry vry urgent plz
thnx in advnc

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Exactly the same as if you were deploying an internet site.

Get the server and install and configure IIS on it (Read: Use the configuration wizard to reduce your possible attack surface to just the minimum required to your needs and then dont forget to PATCH IT! - also you may get database engine etc as well if needed).

Then deploy to server from visual studio using the deployment wizard. Make sure you have the correct credentials to do this remotely (READ: If using FTP you must remember to patch IIS as there is an exploit going around atm)

Ensure that the DNS is configured properley so the clients can reach the server by its friendly name e.g http://server1 ... if that server is in your active directory then it should be already.


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