Please could someone just clear up, or point me to the right thing to read regarding mysql and php.

Once you have made a query and saved it to results, I understand that the query accessed with a number of functions to extract that, such as mysql_fetch_array() and so on.

It returns an "associative array". What does that mean. I seem to always get it working just by trial and error, but I don't actually understand it.

I don't really like to ask questions like this on forums because it seems like I am lazy, but I also can't sit an read endless tutorials hoping that somewhere I will get it. But I am really happy to read tutorials, even if they are fairly verbose, as long as that connection is make clear to me.

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An associative array is one with named keys.

  'name' => 'Name here',
  'other' => 'Other data here'

In a mysql result, they are the column names.

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