Hi, I would like to know how can I execute an event from a web content form, for example i would like to run a centralized event to assign rigths to component in every webform, but i would like to do that from the master page so i do not have to redo the same code in all web form load event.

Thanks for any help you can provide me. VS2008

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Each child web forms will have different controls. If you want to access child page controls in your master page, then you can do it something like


Or do you want to get master page event in your child pages? if so, refer this link.

Actually is something like the link you provide here, but i do not have any button to trigger this code it just run in the load page, well the thing is that piece of code is general for every single webform i have, but then maybe i would like to add some code to the specific webform. I hope you know what im saying.

Hi jbisono ,

I am clear about your requirement now. You may need to write code specific to the child pages in the page _load event of the master page. So that it will be executed automatically for all child pages.

You can use Page.GetType().Name or other technique like this to get the child page name in Master page and write the specifc code to it.

Alternatively you can create BasePage class and inherit all your child pages from this class.Override the OnLoad event in the BasePage and write code specific to the pages inherited from it.

Ok, Thanks Ramesh, Actually with your previous comment i got it to do what i want, but the master page load event trigger after the content load event which i would like to run the content load event after the master page. if that possible?.

Ok, Ramesh I think i got it, I use the link you provide to use the preinit but insted of using preinit i use prerender in that case i can execute my code from the master page in the load event in then the prerender in the content page to whatever i want in my content form. what do you think is that a good practice?.

Oh and thank you for your help.

Hi jbisono,

The values of the controls will not be loaded from ViewState in PreInit event. Therefore avoid to use it.

Since it seems that you want to execute some code in master page and then some code in child pages, what you mentioned is a good idea.

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Yes, well for now im going to mark this thread as solved once the program is doing what i want, thank your very much for your help if i have another issue i will be around thanks again.


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