i had problem running my projects on localhost. why does i cant access some of the page? there will be an error that says apache has encountered some serious error and need to be closed. this problem started after i replaced wampserver2.0c to the latest wampserver2.0i. Is there a problem coding from old wampserver then running the project to a new new version. please help. sorry for my poor english

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Check the apache error log. See if it gives you a more detailed error message. Not entirely sure where Apache is located under WampServer, but the file is called error.log .

Can't really tell you what is wrong unless you give us a more detailed error message, but the WampServer change-log says that between 2.0c and 2.0i both MySQL and PHP were upgraded, so that could be the problem. Maybe your code relied on some ancient PHP features that were removed/deprecated?

But, like I say; we need the error messages.


oh thanks for the replies but ive already solved the problem. I just replace my wampserver with xampp. thanks to xampp the problem was fixed an the error did not occur anymore. By tha way Atli i think your right maybe a depreciated code has triggered the error.

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