I have a piece of code below:

// Check our data
if (preg_match('/[^a-zA-Z0-9]/', $new_pagealias)) $error = "Invalid page alias. Use only normal characters.";
if (preg_match('/[^a-zA-Z0-9]/', $new_pagekeywords)) $error = "Invalid page keywords. Use only normal characters.";
if (!$new_pagealias) $error = "Page alias is missing";
if (!$new_pagename) $error = "Page name is missing";
if (!$new_pagetitle) $error = "Page title is missing";

This should check if $new_pagealias & $new_pagekeywords contain invalid characters, other than a-bA-B0-9 etc which works fine.

Well. The first one which checks the page alias works fine. The second one to check the keywords, doesn't. If I post a var to it containing the string '@' it will go through it and enter it into the database, same goes for the string "holiday, sunshine, ' " My HTML page will echo the meta etc ending with: holiday, sunshine, ' '/>

This ends the tag early which will error some browsers, plus I just want it to be perfect and not have to echo invalid keywords.

Plus I need the preg_match for $new_pagekeywords to validate and allow commas.

At the moment if I put the string "My house!" through alias & keywords, it will error for alias, but if I change alias to "house' and leave keywords as "My house!" it won't define $error & stop the SQL input.

Help? :(

Thanks in advance,

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If you want to use preg functions, then this should work to match strings containing alphanumeric characters and spaces:

$pattern = '#^[a-z0-9\x20]+$#i';
if (preg_match($pattern, $new_pagealias)) $error = "Invalid page alias. Use only normal characters.";


Thanks for your reply but it doesnt work. If I put home! through it it works fine and submits it to the database :(

Post up the actual code you are using at the moment.

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