I'm a first time hoster, so I apologize for the novice question. When I'm working on my local computer, everything is fine, but I'm just having a problem on the hosting server.

I use FileZilla to edit my website. When I edit the main page (.aspx), the system automatically recompiles the changes and everything works fine. However, when I make changes to the CodeBehind page (.aspx.vb), the website doesn't recongize the changes...

I've tried making the changes on my local computer, Build Solution, and everything works. I then delete the web page off the server and upload the new page... but still no changes... I've tried deleting all the files off the sever and uploading everything again, but then I run into a problem where the website is looking for files off the localhost, instead of the server... I had to pay someone $150 originally because I couldn't figure out why the website kept looking for localhost instead of the server. I'm hoping I can learn the cause of this instead of hiring someone again.

I just need to know the easiest way to recompile the changes I make to the codebehind page. Do i need to recompile/reupload the whole site? just the one page that I made changes to? is it something in the global.asax/assembly/web.config that i need to recompile???

Thank you so much to all who answers!!!

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Thanks to another forum, I finally have the answer. I'll post it here incase anyone else if having the same problem.

Make the changes to the CodeBehind (.aspx.vb) page on your local computer. Run it to make sure it works. Then reupload the .aspx.vb page, ALONG WITH THE BIN FOLDER, to the hosting server.

I've spent so many hours trying this, and even paid someone $150 originally to do it, but I can finally do everything myself now. woo hoo!!


I'm glad you found a solution and you posted it back here :)

Please mark this thread as you have answered your own question and good luck!

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