X user uses his/her windows/Linux based software to publish content (job, item to sale or rent etc) in my PHP website. Something like posting data from a computer based software to website OR from a website to a website.

I’ll start doing this based on you guys’ information.

Thanks in advance.

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A form on your website should take care of this. No need for downloadable app to place on a user's computer. Website forms are almost always OS/Platform independent, so they take the sting out of trying to write software that runs on the different versions of Windows/Linux/OSX.

X user uses his/her windows/Linux based software to publish content (job, item to sale or rent etc) in my PHP website.

I don't understand this bit. What software did you have in mind? Something like Word? If so, You can use an online WYSIWYG text editor like one from Spaw2, Yahoo!, TinyMCE, FCKEditor etc etc.


I mean I'll develop a software with VB6 or VB.NET to post data from windows form to PHP website where data will be capture into MySQL database.

I know we can do this with cURL sending data from one website to another.

Also, i am not sure whether this thread should be PHP or VB sections of DaniWeb!


OK. You'd probably need to interface with the DB directly in that case. The website is this case is unimportant. However, I've never tried this myself. I used to mess with VB6/Access/Web Access when younger, but never tried to connect to mysql db.

This may answer your needs:



You don't really need to do anything special on the website itself. You could just create a standard web-form that would allow users to publish their content.

Then you could create a client-side app that replicates the form submission, sending the data as a HTTP request to the same URL the web-form does. Your client-side app would basically serve as a custom made form, running on your client's computer.

The tricky part is the user authentication. You could simply send the user login info with the HTTP request that publishes the data, and have the website verify the info on each request.

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