i got a problem in c#/asp.net
i m making a encrypt/client and decrypt/server
password verification.
client got the public-key generated by RSACryptoServiceProvider
from server and
encrypt content by using javascript.
and then server receives this encrypted-content to
decrypt by using RSACryptoServiceProvider/c#.
but,what is the problem with RSACryptoServiceProvider keysize?
it couldn't be less than 512? why?

and my computer used javascript for encrypting is
just supporting keysize less than 512.

how shall i do?

thanks in advanced``````

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I'm not truly understanding the problem. Are you saying you're getting an invalid decryption or an invalid public key?

Are you decrypting a message or just a password?

If you're only validating a password, do you actually need to decrypt?
A technique that can be used is to store the encrypted value as the password ... and when the user enters the comparison password, encrypt it and compare it to the encrypted (stored) password.

Please confirm.

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