I've been asked to make cosmetic changes to a website that was developed in Cold Fusion. Their original web designer has moved on to other things. Is it possible to make simple changes, such as CSS stylesheet adjustments, new logo, new graphics behind navigation links using standard html coding? Or should I tell them to keep looking for someone well-versed in Cold Fusion programming?

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It sounds like you could from your description, but it's difficult to know for sure without seeing the code.

You should find CFML very familiar if you know HTML. Even if there is a little CFML involved, you should be able to pick it up, and you would make your CSS and HTML changes just as you would in HTML. You may have to dig around a bit to figure out where the HTML is that you need to change (especially if the developer used includes or custom tags) but it's still easy enough that you should be able to make the changes you need to.

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That helps tremendously. By itself, the code looks like it will be easy to change, but I was concerned that Cold Fusion uses some kind of structure (like Ruby on Rails, for instance) where I would not be able to do simple changes without a WHOLE lot of specific knowledge. Thanks for your timely reply. I have to talk to the client tomorrow morning.

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