hello every one!

please :: i wanna to send link from my own server to another server as rapidshare ,, mediafire,,

i have an uploader and want after upload image to my site send it to rapidshare and get it link....

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Does Rapidshare have an API you can tap into? If not, try Yahoo! Pipes. You could try to use cURL for this - but without an API, it could be messy.

thx for replies..

can you help me by the code to transfer any uploaded file from my site to any server except rapidshare?

as hotfile, mediafire, bandego?

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Again, an API for these sites would be useful. cURL can give some functionality. You could even use an iframe to display a remote form on one of your pages - depending on your needs.

Failing all these, try Yahoo! Pipes as I mentioned previously. The interface is quite clean, although learning to use the app will take a few hours. It is extremely powerful and should be able to serve your needs - if you're prepared to spend the time required to learn how to use it.

If you don't fancy that, search for a script!


You may need PRO membership of some of these sites to get remote access.

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