Hi Guys,

I'm new in PHP. I not familiar with it. Now i need to ask about the PHP
Now i working we a program that have a login function and can allow admin to change or update the data. The users van view the info only without change it .

1. It is need to create a database for the login function if there only one user to use it.Just a security issue that other can not change the data inside the web page.

2. If i create a drop down box and i need to save the data like said the drop down box have figure 1 ,2 & 3 it is need to involve database or other ?

3. If i write something inside the text box and need to be save it is involve database? And how to display it to display it and the users can just view and admin can overwrite and save it?

Please advise and give me a guideline , hint or clue to do it ?

p/s : the database i mean mysql.

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No its fine, if you are sure that there will be just single user for your script, then no need to use the database for any reason.
You can simply store the user name & password in the script only(you can encrypt the password).
For storing what comes from the select box or any other user inputs, you can use the text file, as there is single user.
I hope with this you can start coding yourself.Ask if you get stuck up somewhere and post your code here, we will help you:)

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