hi friends,
I've come across a word LAMP while searching for some php codes.Can someone kindly tell what does this mean and what type of application can be developed from it. And how to begin learning it(sources which provide complete information).

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LAMP is a collection of popular web-sever technologies, which collectively make up the core of a majority of HTTP servers running today.
It typically stands for:

  • Linux
  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • PHP/Perl/Python. (One or more)

See the Wikipedia entry for it.

There is also the Windows equivalent, WAMP, which is the exact same but using Windows as the Operating System.

You can easily set up either of these (and more) using the XAMPP package.

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Hello Ali,
Actually I'm new to php working on ubuntu8.10 .I'd gone through the wikipedia and made the requisite installation to my system,that is, mysql....apache2....php5.
Can u help me in learning how to work on the system.

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