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If you are not already fed up with duplicating the same ordinary projects to upgrade your program web servers to get your venture on the internet, you probably will be gradually The joy you experience while creating your venture tends to take a regular hit when it comes to the tedious pieces of program management (e.g. posting your codebase, improving options, performing instructions over and over again, etc.)

But do not fear! Capistrano, the task-automation-tool, is here to help.

In this DigitalOcean content, we are going make a rock-solid server installation, operating the newest edition of CentOS to variety Ruby-on-Rails programs using Nginx and Traveler. We will proceed with studying how to improve the procedure of deployments - and up-dates - using the Dark red centered automated device Capistran


Phusion Passenger is often used for deploying on Rails. There are some of the youtube videos on how to use passenger gem. Also do check if the gem is available with your host.

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