I hear that RUby can be used for desktop development, yet I haven't seen any showcases. I am currently learning C++ but have always had my eyes on Ruby. Is it true? I know Ruby On Rails is for web development.

What are the capabilities of ROR?

Thanks in advance.

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RoR is a web framework. Ruby, itself, is a scripting language. You can create anything you like in Ruby. The nice thing about Ruby is that it is fairly easy to pick up.

Since the language is interpreted it will run slower than compiled languages but for the majority of projects it is not a noticeable difference.

The one advantage of Ruby (or other scripting language for that matter) over something like C++ is that you can test scripts in the interpreter. irb will host an execution environment that allows you to try things out very quickly and see what does or does not work. You just cant do that kind of thing in C++ and other compiled languages.

Ruby is a dynamic, reflective, general-purpose object-oriented programming language. ROR Quick development of application, as less coding required and easy to use any and simpler platform having world wide acceptance.

Ruby on Rails is an free web program structure for the Ruby on Rails development language. It is specially engineered to be used by the web designers for fast development.

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