Hi guys , I am trying to convert a web page to pdf , I have searched about this a lot but I did find any answer

I have one program to convert using YAHP converter but I couldn't understand its parameters used in the program

String  fontPath = getParameter(args, "--fontpath");
String  password= getParameter(args, "--password");
String  keystorePath     = getParameter(args, "--ks");
String  keystorePassword = getParameter(args, "--kspassword");
String  keyPassword   = getParameter(args, "--keypassword");
String  cryptReason		 = getParameter(args, "--cryptreason");
String  cryptLocation    = getParameter(args, "--cryptlocation");

I don't know what are valid values can be assign to these parameters?!!!!

please guys if you have another way to convert please teach me it and show me the sample of the code if possible
thanks a lot

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At the risk of stating the obvious .....

For one-off conversion(s), then do it manually. With Adobe Acrobat (version??) installed, you should be able to print to PDF - "Adobe PDF" appears under "Select Printer". Under Windows you may also have right-click "Append to existing PDF" and "Convert to Adobe PDF". Probably similar under MacOS/*nix.


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