I'm a developer with little experience in J2EE. I'm working with an Application called Enovia Matrix, which is an N-Tiers System composed by an oracle database, an RMI server, some "thick-client" applications and a Web-Based interface.
I develop using Eclipse, in which I imported the War File generated for the Web-App. I set up a remote debugging action in eclipse to Debug the JSPs I develop (due to license constraints I can't have a local copy of the application) and it works pretty well.
Recently I came across a situation in which I had to analyze the code from some libraries whose java files aren't provided, a problem which I've overcome by decompiling the ensemble of jar files delivered with the application and importing them into another eclipse project, which is referenced by the web-app project (imported from the war).
I soon realized I must have missed several things, especially in what concerns the build path. Both projects are filled with millions of errors, but, since they're just an alias of what's in the server, I still manage to run the remote debugging task without problems, except when I jump into the decompiled code. For starters, I can no longer follow the code through it's execution (step by step). The class is correctly shown, but as I step over the lines, the display of the debugger window remains in the classe's first line. This does not happen with the JSPs.
Another weird thing I noticed is that the decompiled libraries contain these syntax errors which I never came accross like:

return sParValue;
        Exception ex;
        return getParameter(request, parameter);

After a return statement, more code comes without any change in the scope. Moreover, the second line contains only a variable name and eclipse accuses the error, so how come this line gets executed on the server side? Is it some kind of different code I'm unfamiliar with?
Hope I managed to introduce my problem correctly and that any of you could provide with some insights so that I may improve my knowledge little by little.

Thanks in advance.

As an answer to my own thread, I discovered that some decompilers do not handle try/catch/finally blocks really well. this weird syntax I'm getting comes from this problem and should be ignored, or interpreted by reading the code without the blocks.

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