Hi people

Ive been asked to design a music shop - users can listen to cut versions of the songs, and then buy individual tracks or a whole album. This has been completely sprung on me and i have a lot to deal with in terms of payment processing etc so I'm trying to get thru the design quickly.. but Im being stopped by this problem

My problem is how to allow the viewer to play a cut version of each track before buying it. a clear part of this project is that it has to be accessible by all - inc. those without Flash.

Ive been asked to make the player/individual mp3 players not be able to play more than one track at once - for an actively playing track to stop, when 'play' is clicked on another track.

So, I need to find a way to ideally play all the tracks using only javascript (is this correct for accessibility purposes), and a way for any track playing to stop when another track's 'play' gets clicked.

Ive thought about including a javascript player for each individual track and then the possibility of adding extra code to make one player stop when another starts playing - because i am a javascript newbie, and can use plugins but not much else, i havent a clue how easy or possible this is - can anyone help?

PS: If it helps , I did find "Niftyplayer" - http://www.varal.org/media/niftyplayer/ - which someone said could work with no flash components at all and only javascript, but then no reference to how.. (id need to be able to modify colour and style to a small extent)

PPS: This is my first post here, so hello everyone - im emma of http://www.ameliealden.com (ok its broken but it gets jobs..) and an amateur webdesigner :)

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I checked niftyplayer, but it does not work without flash. The player itself is in flash and needs to be loaded for the javascript to work.

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