I am full time PHP programmer for the past 2 years. Now I am trying to gather some project on my own and work from home besides office. I don't know how to quote a project. Now I have one project where I have to do coding for creating payment procedure i.e site where users can donate money and this money will be transferred to some organization via paypal or some other payment option. And some other feature are also included in this site. I have to do this using php script. I also use jquery. So how much should I quote if I had to do programming only? The designing part will be done be the person who is providing me this project. Also I a have some similar project where by user will have to subscribe for some amount of time and he will get horoscope on daily basis, with other features and admin panel. Please help me to quote this projects. Also i would like to know that do we have to quote different amount for local clients and remote clients abroad. Please give your suggestion and if possible you can also give me the exact amount which will be required.

Also the guy asked me how much will you take for creating pagination. Now how to quote for pagination?

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you should have to quote.................$2000-5000+

Sounds like you need a CRM to better handle your projects. A CRM will allow you to break down your projects to mile stones and check lists. There are many open source CRM scripts coded in php. Once you do a little research you will see why a CRM is the way to go! Heres a good example http : // www . freecrm . com /

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