Hi All,

I am trying to create a web page with drag and drop funtionality in ASP.Net. This dynamic page should meet following requirements.

  • The Web forms should be designed at runtime by the website user using asp.net server controls like Labels, Text Box, Button, Drop down etc.
  • This templare information should be saved say in the form as XML for future usage.
  • This saved template should be available to all the users/roles of the website.
  • The controls should support resizing, positioning, drag and drop functionality in the web form at runtime.
  • After the creation of the template the entered data in the asp.net controls should be saved and used for some business processing.
  • The webform should have rich end user experience.
  • I cannot use Silverlight.

Please suggest the ways to meet the above, with good performance.

Srinivas Akella

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The default features of asp.net server controls does not provide the functionalities which you speficied in your question.

you need to put a lot of efforts to achieve what you want.

Instead, you can look into the following third party components.



I do not want to use third party tools unless I cannot develop this by myself.

How much it might take for a resource with good ASP.Net Skill?

Please tell me different ways to achieve if you know.

I feel it can be down using Ajx, JavScript, XML and ASP.Net. But I would like to know the process if someone is already done this.

Srinivas Akella


hi Srinivas,
were you able to achieve it?
reply asap thanks :)
P.S. If anyone else have any info regarding this then let me know.
thank you..

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