Hello, Got a question for you all.

I have a mass email script that sends emails out in a round robin using 15 unchecked email address (GoDaddy only allows something like 250 emails a day per address).

The problem I have is if an email bounces back it goes to the inbox of the sending email address.

I have put in the Reply-To: header to goto our order email and the email headers for the from address are also set to the orders email.

Preferably I would like to have bounce backs come to my email rather then hear the sales desk complain about the "crap load of emails" they will get.

So to sum up;
I want to send emails from an account like mail1/mail2/mail3..._AT_chandlermusinc.com and have the failed email attempts goto don_AT_chandlermusinc.com and the replys to goto orders_AT_chandlermusic.com

can this be done?


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I'm pretty sure you would have to set up a rule on your mail server. I dont think there's a way you could do this with the php mail function


Darn I was thinking that was the case in the back of my mind.

I did find the Return-Path header but that doesn't seem to have the effect I'm looking for.


email header Reply-To:
To --obviously
From --you, you get bounces

set Reply-To: as sales, they will get genuine replies

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