I have asked the same question in asp.net forum, there are 4 days past, I still didn't get a solution. I try here and hope to gte help.
I have a nested gridview in an update panel. I need to pass two boundfiled values from child gridview gdDetail through CommandArgument to a linkbutton's RowCommand. The code is:

CommandArgument='<%# Eval("Vendor_URL_ISN") + "," + Eval("Name") %>'

at the rowCommand, I retrieve these two values as:

string[] args = e.CommandArgument.ToString().Split(',');
 string query_name = args[1]; 
 int url_id = Convert.ToInt32(args[0]);

However, the values I got for query_name is "# Eval(\"Vendor_URL_ISN\") + \"" , url_id is "\" + Eval(\"name\")". Why doesn't Eval interpret the value of Vendor_URL_ISN and name? What I can do to gte the correct values? Thank you for your help!
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