How to get the full path from fileupload control browsing the path to it?
I want to get as this.

The code which you given is only working in Internet Explorer and not working in other browsers such as firefox, opera, chrome....

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try some thing like this as per your purpose...
System.Drawing.Image Img = default(System.Drawing.Image);
Img = System.Drawing.Image.FromStream(fupho.PostedFile.InputStream, false);

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I used the above code to handle images uploaded by Fileupload control.

But geting full path from Fileupload control is depend on the browser which you use.
It is a matter of security level and you will not get full path from all browsers.
Hope this help you.

For getting the full path of the file.
check the following code


Dim fileName As String = "myfile"
Dim pathname As String = "\mydir\"
Dim fullPath As String

fullPath = Path.GetFullPath(pathname)
Console.WriteLine("GetFullPath('{0}') returns '{1}'", pathname, fullPath)

fullPath = Path.GetFullPath(fileName)
Console.WriteLine("GetFullPath('{0}') returns '{1}'", fileName, fullPath)

fileUpload1.SaveAs(Server.MapPath(“~/uploads/”) + System.IO.Path.GetFilename(fileUpload1.FileName));

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