I have a php user front-end and would like to validate a some fields to stop duplicates the database is oracle and the form is quite large i was wondering if it is possible with Javascript or ajax to run a select statement using php code check the values and return true or flase without refeshing the page like with ajax in asp.net

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Yes it is possible. If you don't know AJAX learn from w3schools.com

Yep, it's possible. Just have a 'foo' div next to the input boxes, and then have a function set to 'onkeyup', which refers to a php page which checks the database and returns true or false, and then modifies the div.
You might want to learn Ajax for that, though.

Try this!

JavaScript Form Validator (gen_validatorv31.js)
Version 3.1.1
Copyright (C) 2003-2008 JavaScript-Coder.com. All rights reserved.
You can freely use this script in your Web pages.
You may adapt this script for your own needs, provided these opening credit
lines are kept intact.

The Form validation script is distributed free from JavaScript-Coder.com
For updates, please visit:

Questions & comments please send to form.val at javascript-coder.com

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