I know you would say ask to JS/AJAX forum! Don't worry, it isn't about codes, it is curiosity. I wan't to know if I can do Ajaxing using JQuery and PHP without writting all Ajax functions myself :)
Just that :-/

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Yes you can.

I tend to use prototype as opposed to jquery. Yahoo! also has an excellent ajax/js library. Whichever library you decide to use (JQuery is probably your best bet if you need support), you'll find that you won't have to mess with the ajax object at all, well, unless you want to.


Less bloat. It's not as well supported as jquery, so I don't know if I would recommend it to a beginner. Scriptaculous makes good use of prototype as does Mootools. I probably use it because it's the first STABLE library that came my way. I don't particularly like JS, so anything that saves me time w.r.t. the ajax object is great.

If you want bells and whistles, JQuery is probably the was to go, although Yahoo! has got some nifty little mini-apps and libraries by now. Also Google has got some nice things on display (usually through use of an API).

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