Does anyone know how to setup a dropdown list for C# without using a database? I'm trying to set up one that will allow users to select a newsletter from the dropdown and have it pop up in a new window. Any ideas?

<ASP:DropDownList id="NewsletterSelect" runat="server">
    <ASP:ListItem value="'[Path]'">Newsletter 1</ASP:ListItem>
    <ASP:ListItem value="'[Path]'">Newsletter 2</ASP:ListItem>
    <ASP:ListItem value="'[Path]'">Newsletter 3</ASP:ListItem>
    <ASP:ListItem value="'[Path]'">Newsletter 4</ASP:ListItem>
 <!--<input type="button" value="Read Newsletter" onclick="'[Path of selected Newsletter]')"/> -->

OK, let me clarify my objective. I'm finding a few examples of dropdown lists and how to populate them, etc. The problem is, these are just having the choices written to a text box. What I want to do is have the selections (which are PDF files) popup in a new window. Any ideas?

Oh, in case anyone in the future has a similar problem, what I did was finally just use JavaScript to implement the dropdown instead of using the ASP as I was doing. Worked.

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