I have a bunch of variables that collects data from an external source.
Each variable retrieve data from different locations.
I want to pass all this data to either a table or to options in a select box.
Can only the data who has been changed be updated? If so, can recently changed data go on top?
It should be possible to move selected variables to another table or form. And is it possible to actually save the data being displayed in the html file or to an external .txt file for example?

Right now im just tryin to figure out which method i should go for. And i have done a little bit testing with outputting the data to options in select. I would like to know the possibilities and the limitations i got.

Best regards

okey, here is a more straight forward question.

I have this javascript code that collects data from one register in a PLS and sends it to a option in select HTML:

var R100=%%PDP,,R100,d% <-- Register in PLS
var val="01"
function addOption(txt, val) {
var s = document.getElementById('alarm_liste');
var o = new Option(txt, val);
return true;

I need this script to collect data from one hundred registers and send it to a option in PLS or a file. Is this possible?
And is it possible to drop the value?

Best regards