I'm using PHP 5 and apache 2.2 on XP prof, but did not install zip extension during the initial php/apache installation.

I have downloaded and extracted Pecl-5.16-win32zip package and extracted the contents (including php_zip.dll) to c:\PHP\ext. I have also amended the php.ini and included the line extension=php_zip.dll

I have checked my php.ini extensions parameter (extension_dir ="C:\PHP\ext"), this seems correct.

However, When I restart Apache, I get a frustrating windows error (Apache HTTP Server has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience.) followed by an apache error "the requested operation has failed!"

I have searched high and low for a resolution but seem to be going in circles. Is there something simple I've have missed?

Can anyone help?

reinstall your php 5 choose "CHANGE" then "CHOOSE ITEM TO INSTALL" select the "EXTENSION" select the "zip".

then edit php.ini put this.

look for the zip dll in your ext folder.

many thanks,
A full installation of PHP was required. For some strange reason, a windows "repair" adding the ZIP extension did not work.

i said choose "change" not "repair" :-)

i got the same problem. but i am using xampp 1.7.7. now how to 'change' the installation and include zip.dll?

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