Hello everyone,

I got really bored yesterday and made a php chat program during 2nd and 6th hour at school. Its very basic and I wanted to know what features should be added. This was made to talk to friends during school so I don't want to make it really fancy. Any ideas?

About the chat:

Users are logged out after 100 seconds if they don't submit anything. Messages are deleted after 100 seconds also (so my mysql table won't be huge). Do you think this is long enough?

I don't really know if i should post this here, but its made with php and its not really a website. ??????????????????



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good but it has kinda problem...

each time when it retrieve the data, firefox keeps asking "wanna post the datas again" :)

i think you should work on it a bit.

i will need this chat program later.. on my web site

Will you share the php code with us?

i have to make a few changes to the script but i will share the code in a few hours.

sorry i haven't posted the code yet. i am working on a xml version that will not require a mysql database.

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xml is better for chatting.

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