Hey there,

I'm having a little trouble with a for each loop i'm trying to use. I was hoping somebody would be able to pick out what i'm doing wrong.

I'm getting this error message Invalid argument supplied for foreach() on line 310, which is the line that the outer foreach is on. When i print_r on $gameData[$gdc] i get Array ( [Game] => 2 [Arena] => ARC [Level] => PeeWee [D] => 3 [Sex] => m [Start] => 00:07:30 [Time] => 00:01:15 [Date] => 2009-12-20 [System] => 3 [Official1] => [Official2] => [Official3] => ) 1 so it's obviously an array.

$gdc is a counter for the for loop that these foreach are sitting in. These for each are sitting in an IF statment and should only activate when data from a particular row meets the criteria. Then these foreach loops are supposed to create table data for that row.

foreach ($gameData[$gdc] as $tempVar) {
	foreach ($tempVar as $key => $value)
	       $storeTable .= "<td>$tempVar[$value]</td>\n";

Anyone have any idea how i'm botching this up?

Thanks so much,

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Bah i figured it out. I didn't have to nest the foreach loops since i already specified the row by including the counter value with the variable name.

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