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Well at first glance it looks like your JS file contains some JQuery, so I would start by making sure you have the JQuery library included in your page. It would also help if you could give us the address of the gallery page as it might aid in finding the problem.


The problem is with the descriptions. It's just that IE will stop working on errors while most other browsers will try to continue. Specifically, the problem with your code is with line 248. Specifically the line that contains:

description = this.getDescription();

I would delete that line if the image descriptions are not important (which they probably are). I'll investigate more and see what the specific problem is with this line. IE claims it as: "Object doesn't support this property or method." Did you write this code yourself or do you know if there is any documentation that we can examine? It would help to have some kind of explanation for the code.


That's great that you got it to work! If you don't have any more questions...would you please mark this thread as solved?

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thanks for the help !!
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