I have two master pages in my site. One for the general pages that users can view without logging in (Site1.Master) and one for the pages that user can view after logging in (Site2.Master). Now once the user is logged in and say access Search.aspx page which has Site2.Master as its master page. If user clicks the search button everything is fine but if user clicks the Enter key after putting something in the search textbox the website loads the Site1.Master page and redirects user to Default.aspx page. Why is this happening ? Any feedback is appreciated

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I found the bugger.... Both of my master pages has a header that has an image button that will take user to the website's home page. As this home page is associated with Site1.Master when user clicks the enter key the browser pick up the first button to execute . As this image button is the first one it automatically fires and took user to the Default.aspx which has Site1.Master as its master page. I removed this image button and replaced it with simple image and off the problem goes ....

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