I have a time field saved in database in GMT format. I need to convert it to the visitor's local time.

Is there a way to figure out the vistor's region/time?
Should I be looking into javascript for this?
I thank you in advance for your help.

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Most web sites ask you because there's no way to trust browser settings, or what the user wants to see.

You could check their IP, get geo location, and do a look up.

But if you don't mind trusting data that you shouldn't, you could use javascript: date.getTimezoneOffset()


There is 1 simple way.

1> while in registration form of user ask for time zone.
Drop down for Like GMT 5, GMT +5.30, PST ...all
store in DB in user record table .

2> Download php pear and install
when user log in pass the GMT +5.30 or PST time to variable in Pear function
you will get automatically local time of user.

read the PHP Pear

Hope it helps you

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