Hello all folks...

I have an asp.net web application which uses Microsoft Sql Server 2000 as its backend....Our application is a Payroll Management System..

The system is fully completed and uploaded to the local server in our client offices....The system is build on WinXp platform...the apps is running in the client side on a Win2000 professional Sp4 platform...the server is an IIS server....the system is running on a local intranet network....but I think this isn't an issue...coz the system is successfully installed there and running....The problem is related with Login.....When I run the same application from VS2005 IDE, its running smoothly and there is no problem at all....The problem is arising when I'm running the application from IIS server....in the login page we have a code logic like this on the page_load event call...

if (Session["User"] != "H")

the purpose for using the above code is to prevent any user from using any of the modules if the session variable expires....I have set the session timeout for 20 minutes in the web.config file...there is a login page in the application...when an user is loggin in, I'm storing a value "H" in the session variable "User"......so after login when the user opens any page, the system checks for the session value....if it not finds the value then natually redirecting to the login page....but this has to be happened if the session expires after 20 mins and it will only happen if there will be no user activity to the system for 20 minutes....all we know that....but the problem is when we are running the application from IIS server, opening any page after loggin in to the system....sometimes the page displays but sometimes it just redirects us to the login page!!!!...which I suppose not to happen...I have also tried after increasing the timeout value to 60 minues ( I think this is the max.) in the IIS admin control panel....but still no result....the same thing is going on and on...

The application also contains reporting features....due to the problem, sometimes when we fire a report it displays....then again when we get back to the calling page...set the parameters and filter the data to be displayed and then press submit....now when I press submit for the second time there is no guarantee whether the report will be displayed or redirect to the login page again.....sometimes it displays the report and sometimes it again redirects to the login page....I think there is somewhere any error in the configuration of the application....because its only happening when I run the application from the server....if the problem was code related then it suppose to expose when I run the application from VS2005 also...and that's the exact thing which is going on....

Hope that I have clearly explained what is going on regarding problem with the apps...

Please guys help me to solve this....I have also googled for this but found nothing exactly what I want....So daniweb was my last option and thats what exactly I did...

Looking forward to get some affordable, valuable and positive replies..

Thanks for all the helps..in advance


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243 views and still no replies...come on guys....please help me out in this....and just give me some links from where i can get some tips regarding this matter...please please help me....

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