There will be more than 3000 users will upload word document to different folders on my webspace at SAME TIME. How should handle it? I did file uploads but not for more than 4 or 5 user uploded at a time.

PHP and MySQL is used.


If you are looking at 3000 users on a continuing basis you will need a heavy duty hardware and software configuration to handle it. If this is a once per day process (for example), then you probably won't want to invest the time and the cost to build such an environment. There are a couple of links below that address high capacity php-mysql site configurations. You can probably find more through a search. If it isn't a constant requirement, then you probably want to change your approach somehow. Pure FTP may be able to handle a higher volume. Suggest you consult your hosting provider, explain what you want to do and get their input.



Thanks chris, I'll look into those links.

We have a Apache server which will host this application. What kind of settings I need to prepare my server? Any usefull info is welcomed.

Unless you are already an Apache - MySQL expert (or you have one available) you'll probably need to find one in order to get this right.

Do you think cURL FTP (or FTP approach) is better than normal file upload feature in PHP for my job?