Hi guys im creating this cryptography program. And was wondering how to connect three conditions together.
*Forgot to mention it is in c# language*
I got a place where i can input a key and confirm the key, Those are already linked together when u click the encrypt button it will verify that both text areas are equivalent.
A combobox to choose the type of encryption &
The Encrypt buton to give the order to encrypt

I dont know how to go about and connect everything together. Can someone help me please?

I do have the code for the encryption and the types of encryption and implementation techniques. All i have to do is connect those 3 things together. I could have very well chose for for every one to open in a new form but i dont like the idea.

Anyways, Thanks in advance!
And if you want more info on the code just ask me and ill write back to ya!

There are several ways to do that, I would go about it this way:

// the encrypt button event handler
encrypt_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    // assuming you've named the text box for the key txtKey and the
    // combo box for the encryption type cboEnc do the following
    string key = txtKey.Text;
    string encType = cboEnc.SelectedItem.ToString();
          case "FirstEncryptionType":
               // use this encryption;
          case "SecondEncryptionType":
               // use this encryption
               // use the final incryption type

So maybe I'm not understandin your question properly. But that's how you could do, just use a switch statment to find out which encryption type to use, then do the statements from there.

WoW thats great!
Now i was able to add this part of the code in but how would i go about after chosing the encryption type and actually clicking the ENCRYPT button to actually encrypt the file opened... I do have the algorithm.