Hi all, i am trying to develop a plugin that sets a calendar in which i define date ranges...
for example, spring, from 21 march may to 21 jun summer from 21 jun to 21 september and so on , what i would like is that given a date range 21-3 to 21-6 that i could be able to check that if another range is entered , it doesnt have any day within the previus range, and be able to check among all other ranges included.
My intention is to create clean and unique date ranges , within the 365 days of a year ,and that none of these ranges step over any other existing one so they are unique , any ideas on how to control this with php..?

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So, if I get you right, you want to divvy up the year into 4 seasons. When a date is picked, the second date must be chosen from within the same season. This can be done with js and datepickers:


An example of a 4 month view - could be used for seasons (3 month view) - you could probably disable certain days outside the range.